Setup an IBM MQ Connection Manager

The IBM MQ Connection Manager is an SSIS connection manager component that can be used to establish connections with IBM MQ/WebSphere MQ. 

To add a new connection, right-click the Connection Manager area in your Visual Studio project, and choose "New Connection..." from the context menu. You will be prompted the "Add SSIS Connection Manager" window. Select the "IBM MQ (KingswaySoft)" item to add a new IBM MQ Connection Manager.

New SSIS Connection

add SSIS IBM MQ connection manager

The IBM MQ Connection Manager contains 1 page of configuration. 

  • General

General page

The General page allows you to specify connection properties and login credentials to IBM MQ/WebSphere MQ. 

SSIS IBM MQ connection manager

Queue Manager Name

The name of the queue manager that the component will connect to.

Remote Queue Manager

If the queue manager is not on the local machine, it can be accessed remotely. Only connections to queues in the same domain will work.

Host Name

The name of the remote machine.


The port number of the remote machine.

Channel Name

The channel on the local machine that will be used to connect to the remote machine. Defaults to the system channel SYSTEM.ADMIN.SVRCONN.

User ID:

The use ID of the used to connect to the remote machine.


The password used to connect to the remote machine

Test Connection

After all the connection information has been provided, you may click the "Test Connection" button to test if the user credentials entered can connect to IBM MQ/WebSphere MQ.