At KingswaySoft, we view our software partners as an extension of our organization, playing a vital role in our development, growth and our go-to-market strategy. Our aim with the KingswaySoft Partnership Program is to deliver the necessary resources and support to our partners so that they can grow their business around KingswaySoft products. Our unique product quality provides generous opportunities to differentiate our partners' business solutions, maximize opportunities and accelerate their profitability.

Authorized Reseller Partnership Program

KingswaySoft Authorized Reseller Partnership Program allows you to sell KingswaySoft software solutions to your customers with great confidence. By partnering with us, you can be assured that your clients will receive the best services available.

The KingswaySoft Authorized Reseller Partnership Program provides you:

  • Effective engagement with KingswaySoft
  • Expand your solution portfolio by adding our software and solutions
  • Access to programs and resources that help you develop new opportunities and grow business
  • Training, sales and technical resources
  • Special partner discount
  • and more...

A partnership with KingswaySoft is a mutually beneficial relationship. Our unique product quality provides generous opportunities to differentiate your business solutions, maximize opportunities, and accelerate your profitability.

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