A one-of-a-kind tool that enables high-performing data integration for Microsoft Dynamics SL.

By utilizing Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) as your data integration platform, developers unlock a simplified, codeless development experience using a familiar toolset.

The SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics SL

  • Simple, straightforward, and cost-effective data integration built to handle the intricate details of working with Microsoft Dynamics SL web service interfaces.
  • Immersive development productivity thanks to the easy learning curve and familiar development experience using Microsoft Visual Studio as the ETL development tool.
  • Easy-to-use, codeless solution that enables integration to occur in a matter of minutes for what could otherwise take months of development.
  • Variety of functional buttons to better support the development process.
  • Takes advantage of the flexibility and power of the SSIS ETL engine to integrate with virtually any application or data source.
  • Powered by modern cryptography and authentication technologies for secure connections, such as TLS 1.2, OAuth2, SHA-256, etc.
  • Available as a stand-alone product or as part of the Ultimate Edition which includes Microsoft Project Server, Microsoft Dynamics 365, HubSpot, Salesforce and many more.
Dynamics SL SSIS Data Integration


You don't have to write a single line of code to make data integration happen so your development can be done in a matter of minutes.

Flexible and

We make the most flexible integration solution on the market. Our software offers intuitive user interfaces that are flexible and easy to use.


With a streamlined development experience, and an extremely simple licensing model, our solution offers the best value for your investment.


Our software offers many specifically designed features that help you achieve the best possible performance without having to hijack your budget.

Unique Features

  • Built-in retry on intermittent errors helps eliminate integration disruptions due to temporary service outages or disruptions.
  • Support for working with Child Objects in both reading and writing.
  • Can specify both the source object and child object properties and provide filtering criteria for each.
  • Write based on the primary key for both the source object and the child object.
  • Write to Microsoft Dynamics SL through either Create, Update, or Delete actions.

Technical Requirements

  • Dynamics SL, either:
    • Dynamics SL 2018,
    • Dynamics SL 2015, or,
    • Dynamics SL 2011.
  • SQL Server Integration Services, either:
    • Azure-SSIS Integration Runtime,
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2022,
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2019,
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2017,
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2016,
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2014,
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012,
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, or,
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

SSIS Integration Toolkit for Dynamics SL - Connection Manager

Microsoft Dynamics SL
Connection Manager

  • The Dynamics SL Connection Manager facilitates connection to Dynamics SL's web services.
  • Enables efficient data loading from Dynamics SL to other destinations in SSIS, facilitating seamless integration and synchronization of financial and project data.
  • Supports multiple versions of Dynamics GP and both basic and integrated authentication.
  •  See this component's documentation.

Microsoft Dynamics SL
Source Component

  • The source component allows you to read data from Dynamics SL objects via web services.
  • Supports efficient data extraction from Dynamics SL, streamlining the process of integrating financial and project data with other systems.
  • Offers comprehensive filtering and mapping capabilities, allowing users to select specific Dynamics SL data and accurately align it with SSIS fields for a seamless data retrieval experience.
  •  See this component's documentation.

SSIS Integration Toolkit for Dynamics SL - Source Component

SSIS Integration Toolkit for Dynamics SL - Destination Component

Microsoft Dynamics SL
Destination Component

  • The destination component facilitates writing data to Dynamics SL via web services.
  • Supports bulk data insertion, enabling quick uploading of large datasets to Dynamics SL and reducing processing time.
  • Offers advanced and flexible options for data customization and mapping, ensuring precise alignment of Dynamics SL data with SSIS fields for accurate and smooth data transfer.
  •  See this component's documentation.

Database Developers can be fully utilized to create complex data integrations or migrations from start to finish without the need for additional development resources.

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