Build a More Resilient Message Queue Processing Flow Using KingswaySoft

31 May 2024
KingswaySoft Team

Message queues are pivotal when it comes to communicating within a system or between multiple systems. It allows different parts of a system to communicate and process operations asynchronously. A message queue provides a lightweight buffer that temporarily stores messages and endpoints, which allow client components to connect to the queue and send and receive messages. KingswaySoft has various message queue components and control flow tasks that can be used in your integration workflow. Today, we will be looking into a specific constraint that queues could cause with higher volumes of messages, and how these can easily be handled within SSIS with KingswaySoft.

Automate Exporting and Emailing Power BI Reports with KingswaySoft

29 April 2024
KingswaySoft Support

Power BI reports are a great way to get quick and detailed snapshots of data sources. In this blog post, we will discuss how to export reports in your preferred offline format (such as PDF) and send them to any email address required, all within a single data flow. Additionally, you will be able to dynamically set how frequently to send the report and to add or remove recipients receiving this email.

Parsing Through Hybrid API Responses Using KingswaySoft

24 April 2024
KingswaySoft Team

APIs are typically based on either SOAP (XML) or REST (JSON) service calls. However, there are cases where you might receive an XML snippet from a REST service endpoint that primarily serves a JSON document. In such situations, you need a proper strategy for working with the embedded XML snippet. In this blog post, we will show you how this can be achieved effectively.

Archiving and Clearing Inbox Using KingswaySoft

28 March 2024
KingswaySoft Team

When working on integrations, it's common to receive notifications via emails from the process. These emails may include execution statuses, pipeline monitoring messages, execution failure notifications, or other communications. However, keeping them indefinitely in the inbox might not be desirable, as they can accumulate in both number and size over time. Therefore, moving these to another folder and clearing up space in the main inbox is an important step. This can be easily achieved using KingswaySoft.


Using Sensitive Connection Information in AWS Secrets Manager for ETL Runtime Execution

27 March 2024
KingswaySoft Team

AWS Secrets Manager is a widely used secrets and key management solution offered by Amazon. By leveraging its security features, you could store sensitive SSIS connection information in the secrets manager and make such information available for runtime job execution. In this blog post, we will use KingswaySoft components to connect with AWS Secrets Manager to facilitate a secure connection in a seamless ETL process.


Using KingswaySoft to Integrate with Couchbase Capella Managed Instances

28 February 2024
KingswaySoft Team

Connecting to Couchbase Capella presents challenges that require additional procedures outside SSIS. These can lead to connection errors and present a significant obstacle during setup. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the process of seamlessly integrating with Couchbase Capella's online managed instances using the Couchbase Connection Manager.


Effective Use of KingswaySoft Email Destination to Send Emails with Attachments

23 February 2024
KingswaySoft Team

Sending emails is a common scenario in integrations, whether for logging a process status, sending a periodic report, job monitoring, etc. Handling this within the SSIS package can be advantageous in many ways, and with KingswaySoft's Email Destination Component, we make it as easy as possible.

Working with HubSpot CRM Associations with Ease Using KingswaySoft

31 January 2024
KingswaySoft Team

Associations are used in HubSpot to define a relationship between objects and activities. It is critical to have these properly defined to keep your data and relationships as intended. In this blog post, we will show you how to use KingswaySoft components to easily create and maintain HubSpot associations.