Extracting Audit Logs for Multiple CRM Entities

16 October 2019
Aswin Manmadhan

KingswaySoft SSIS Integration Toolkit for Dynamics 365 offers a robust and easy way to retrieve and read audit logs. Learn how to extract these audit logs.

Solving the "Paging cookie is required" error

11 April 2016
Daniel Cai

When using FetchXML query to read data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM server, you might run into an error complaining "Paging cookie is required when trying to retrieve a set of records on any high pages". We have a solution for this error.

Limitations with CRM FetchXML

18 June 2013
Daniel Cai

This blog post discusses some limitations with CRM FetchXML query.

Introducing SQL2FetchXML Online Converter

25 March 2013
KingswaySoft Announcement

Today, we are happy to announce that we have just launched a new website called SQL2FetchXML.com, which is a free online converter that helps convert SQL script into CRM FetchXML query.

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