Merge and Store XML Files Directly to Cloud Using KingswaySoft

27 October 2023
KingswaySoft Team

As an ETL Developer, you may have use cases where you would need to process tabular data in order to produce an XML/JSON file to be saved in a cloud location. Usually, this is done by first merging and creating an XML file in a local or network path and then, on a regular basis, moving it to the cloud storage. However, for users who are running their SSIS packages on the cloud via ADF and who do not wish to use local storage, this could be a roadblock. In this blog post, we will discuss a technique that facilitates direct file writing using KingswaySoft SSIS Productivity Pack components.


Advanced Use of Custom Access Token in HTTP Requests

26 October 2023
KingswaySoft Team

Custom access tokens are commonly used to obtain authorization tokens. Sometimes, they process requires using one of the parsing and extraction strategies. In this blog post we will illustrate some advanced use cases for this feature when using the HTTP connection manager offered in our SSIS Productivity Pack product.