Working with Custom Authentication Token in KingswaySoft HTTP Connection Manager

30 September 2021
KingswaySoft Team

There are cases where you might need to work with a custom token for your HTTP connection's authentication. This is not very straightforward to achieve for your HTTP-based service calls. In this blog post, we will show you how you may leverage the Custom Token option offered in the KingswaySoft HTTP Connection Manager to extract such custom token and then use it in subsequent HTTP service calls.


Incremental Read of Email Messages when Working with POP3 Connections

28 September 2021
KingswaySoft Team

KingswaySoft provides Email Source component in our SSIS Productivity Pack product which can be used to read email messages from your mailboxes. And this component supports EWS, IMAP and POP3 protocols, it can be used to read emails from various email systems, including Microsoft Office 365, Exchange Server, Gmail, and almost all other major email services. It is fairly easy to read messages when working with EWS and IMAP protocols. However it is not very straightforward to achieve so when working with the POP3 connections. In blog post, we will show you how we can achieve such incremental reading using POP3 connections.