Extracting CRM Entity Metadata using Premium OData Components

29 July 2022
KingswaySoft Team

In this blog, we are trying to get the metadata information from Dynamics 365 CRM API and save the entities and attributes in different tables. This is useful in many use cases where you wish to get a list of all the present entities and their corresponding metadata as a part of your integration - especially for further parameterization plans.

Unzip and Read Files from Cloud Storage for Transparent ETL Processing

28 July 2022
KingswaySoft Team

In cases where you have a set of files compressed as a zipped folder in a cloud location, you might have requirements where you need to unzip these files first and then read them one by one to parse the data out to a destination database table or another set of files. To perform this manually wouldn't be as simple as it sounds. However, by using solutions provided by us, this can be easily automated.

Use KingswaySoft Components as the Replacement of the Deprecated DES Service

27 July 2022
KingswaySoft Team

As you all know, Microsoft is deprecating their Data Export Service (DES), which has been used by many enterprise clients for data archiving purposes. There isn't a proper replacement option offered by Microsoft after the deprecation. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can use our SSIS Components to achieve the same purposes.