Use SSIS Integration Toolkit for Directory Services to manage your LDAP, Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and Google Directory data.

The toolkit is a high-performance, easy-to-use, cost-effective data integration solution utilizing Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) capabilities for various integration needs. With this toolkit, businesses can effectively automate their directory services processes.

Directory Services Data Integration

  • High-performing data integration for LDAP, Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and Google Directory services using SSIS.
  • Support of various Graph API service endpoints in facilitating the reading or writing of Azure Active Directory data.
  • Immersive development productivity thanks to the easy learning curve and familiar development experience using Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Easily manage a massive number of Users and Groups in your directory services.
  • Maintain User's Group memberships effortlessly.
  • Read and write to various Directory attributes including custom and array attributes from Users and Groups.
  • Disable or enable a massive number of User accounts instantly.
  • Built-in search function so developers can quickly find the fields required.
  • Powered by modern cryptography and authentication technologies for secure connections, such as TLS 1.2, OAuth2, SHA-256, etc.
  • Synchronize user account information with virtually any external data source that SSIS can read/write to including Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint, and any other components available in KingswaySoft's Ultimate Edition.
Data Integration for Active Directory

Unique Features

  • A much-simplified connection manager makes it easy to communicate with your preferred directory services.
  • Read user, group, and computer record data with support for custom fields.
  • Support of using Search Criteria to filter data in LDAP filtering format.
  • Capability to specify container path to narrow your search scope.
  • Active Directory Destination Component supports 5 different write actions: Create, Update, Upsert, Move, and Delete.
  • Active Directory Destination Component supports massive data manipulation of the following objects.
    • User - Create, update, or delete active directory users.
    • Group - Create, update, or delete active directory groups.
    • GroupMembership - Add users to, or remove users from active directory groups.

Technical Requirements

  • Any of the following directory services
    • Microsoft Active Directory, either Active Directory (On-Premises), or, Azure Active Directory (on the cloud).
    • Any LDAP-compatible directory services
    • Google Directory
  • SQL Server Integration Services, either:
    • Azure-SSIS Integration Runtime,
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2022,
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2019,
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2017,
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2016,
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2014,
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012,
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, or,
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

Directory Services SSIS Components

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