SSIS Integration Toolkit for LDAP Documentation

The LDAP Directory Components are included within the SSIS Integration Toolkit for Directory Services. These components facilitate integration with LDAP Directory. You can use these components for integration or migration with any of the following:

  • Establish connections with Microsoft LDAP Directory.
  • Read user, group, and computer record data with support for custom fields.
  • Support of using Search Criteria to filter data in LDAP filtering format.

There are 3 components available for use when working with LDAP Directory data:

  • LDAP Directory Connection Manager
    • Facilitates the connection to LDAP Directory.
    • There are 10 types of authentication modes that are supported: Anonymous, Basic, Negotiate, Ntlm, Digest, Sicily, Dpa, Man, External, and Kerberos.
  • LDAP Directory Source Component
    • Facilitates reading / retrieving data from LDAP Directory.
  • LDAP Directory Destination Component
    • Facilitates writing data to LDAP Directory.
    • Four different write actions for writing to LDAP: Create, Update, Delete, and Move.
    • Map any unmapped LDAP attributes by matching their names with the input columns from upstream components. Additionally, map the columns from upstream components to destination attributes and reset all your mappings in the destination component.
    • Generate a Word document that describes the component's metadata including relevant mapping, and much more.
    • Allows you to specify how errors should be handled when they occur.

Video Resources

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