SSIS Integration Toolkit for SAP Product Box - Package

Data Integration Made Easy

Performant Data Integration Between SAP and Any Other Application or Data Source

Facilitates SAP integration with virtually any application or data source that you may need to work with. Streamline your SAP workflows and leverage the full potential of your data.

Robust Features

Unlimited Integrations

Powered by the powerful SSIS ETL engine, developers can quickly integrate SAP with virtually any other application or data system.

SSIS Integration Toolkit for SAP includes a Connection Manager, a Source, and a Destination component for connecting to SAP instances.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data Integration

SSIS Integration Toolkit for SAP

Advanced Integration Capabilities

  • SSIS Data Flow Components designed specifically for handling the unique complexities inherent in SAP applications

  • Support both ECC and S/4HANA systems.

  • Leverage the Active Secure Network Communication option to secure the connection to your SAP server.

  • Read and retrieve data from your SAP instance with ease using the SAP Table Source component.

  • Easily find RFC functions to work with.

  • Minimize additional rework and update your components to the latest SAP metadata using the single Refresh Component button.

  • Filter and manage columns with detailed descriptions and data types.

  • Robust error-handling strategies when working with failed rows to minimize data issues.

  • Easily build complex queries and search filters without writing custom code.

  • Customize RFC/BAPI invocations for advanced and complex integration.

  • Generate comprehensive documentation for all component configurations and mappings.

  • Monitor and analyze system activity using the trace level option with 17 modes to choose from, such as Cb Rfc, InternalAPI, and RfcData.

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You don't have to write a single line of code to make data integration happen so your development can be done in a matter of minutes.

Flexible and
Easy to Use

We make the most flexible integration solution on the market. Our software offers intuitive user interfaces that are flexible and easy to use.


With a streamlined development experience and an extremely simple licensing model, our solution offers the best value for your investment.


Our software offers many specifically designed features that help you achieve the best possible performance without having to hijack your budget.

Data Integration Made Easy
SSIS Integration Toolkit for SAP

Powered by modern cryptography and authentication technologies
for secure connections, such as TLS 1.2, OAuth2, SHA-256, etc.

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SAP Connection Manager

SAP Connection Manager

  • The SAP Connection Manager facilitates connection with SAP servers directly within SSIS.
  • Provides various settings, such as server information, authentication details, and advanced network security options for customized and secure connections.
  • Offers robust security features like Active Secure Network Communication and Quality of Protection, tracing options with various levels, and the ability to set a trace directory for monitoring and analysis.
  •  See this component's documentation

SAP Table Source Component

  • The source component allows you to read and retrieve data from SAP tables.
  • Enables you to specify the table or RFC function and configure data retrieval parameters such as batch size and where clauses.
  • Provides a clear overview of available columns and options to filter/hide fields for a streamlined data mapping process.
  • Allows you to limit the number of returned rows and specify batch sizes to help optimize performance and manage large datasets effectively.
  •  See this component's documentation

SAP Source Component

SAP Destination Component

SAP RFC Destination Component

  • The destination component allows you to manage how data should be processed in or written to SAP via native RFC APIs.
  • Designed to work as either a source component or a destination component in order to facilitate different integration needs.
  • Supports complex input and output configurations for maximum flexibility.
  • Supports dynamic updates through the SSIS Expression Editor and refreshes metadata with the Refresh Component feature to keep your data integration process efficient and current.
  • Provides options to fail on error, redirect erroneous rows to error output, or ignore errors, ensuring robust error management and data integrity.
  •  See this component's documentation

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