Using the SAP Connection Manager

The SAP Connection Manager is an SSIS connection manager that can be used to establish connections with SAP Server. It allows you to specify how you want to connect to SAP.

To add a SAP connection to your SSIS package, right-click in the Connection Managers area, and choose "New Connection..." from the context menu.

New Connection

You will be prompted the following window, where you can choose the "SAP (KingswaySoft)" item to add the connection.

Add SAP Connection Manager

SAP Connection Manager contains the following three pages which configure how to connect to the SAP service:

  • General
  • Advanced Settings
  • More Info

General Page

The General page of SAP Connection Manager allows you to specify the general settings of the connection.

SAP Connection Manager

Server Information
Connection Type

There are two options available under the Connection Type tab:

  • Group/Server Selection
  • Custom Application Server
System ID

The System Id that will be used for authentication.

Instance Number

The Instance Number you are connecting to

Application Server (when Custom Application Server is selected)

The server to connect to your instance.

Group/Server (when Group/Server Selection is chosen)

Specify the group/server 

Message Server (when Group/Server Selection is chosen)

The message server to be specified.


The Instance Type option allows you to specify what SAP instance you are connecting.

User Name

The User Name option allows you to specify the user account that you want to use to connect to your SAP system.

The Password that will be used for authentication.

The Language option can be used to display localized fields for a specified list of languages.

Idle Timeout (secs)

The Timeout (secs) option allows you to specify the maximum number of seconds that the SAP Connection Manager will wait while trying to establish a connection with the SAP service.

Test Connection

After you have provided all connection information, you may click the "Test Connection" button to test if you can successfully log in to SAP. 

Advanced Settings Page

The Advanced Settings page of SAP Connection Manager allows you to specify a proxy server in order to connect to the SAP service.

SAP Connection Manager

Secure Network Settings
Active Secure Network Communication

The Active Secure Network Communication option allows you to enhance your network security monitoring

Quality of Protection

Using the Quality of Protection option, you can select the desired server protection to connect to

SNC Name

The SNC Name option allows you to specify the SNC Name for the connection.

Trace Level

The Trace Level drop-down allows you to select the monitoring and analysis mode of system activity. You can select from the following options:

  • Cb Rfc
  • InternalAPI
  • Level1
  • Level2
  • Level3
  • Level4
  • Locking
  • Metadata
  • Network
  • None
  • ParameterData
  • Performance
  • PublicAPI
  • RemoteFunctionCell
  • RfcData
  • SessionProvider
  • SetValue
Trace Directory

Using the Trace Directory option allows you to set the directory path to connect to your SAP instance.

More Info Page

The More Info page shows some basic information about the toolkit. On this page, you can find the version information of the toolkit.

SAP Connection Manager