Using the SAP Table Source Component

The SAP Table Source Component is an SSIS data flow pipeline component that can be used to read/retrieve data from your SAP instance. The SAP Table Source Component supports using either a SAP object or an object query statement as the data source.

The SAP Table Source Component includes the following two pages to configure how you want to read data from SAP.

  • General
  • Columns

General Page

The General page of the SAP Table Source Component allows you to specify the general settings of the component.

SAP Source.png

SAP Connection Manager

The SAP Table Source component requires a SAP connection in order to connect to your SAP instance. The SAP Connection Manager option will show all SAP connection managers that have been created in the current SSIS package.

Table Name

Select the Table Name by clicking on the ellipsis button.

SAP Source Table Name Search.png

RFC Function Name

Select the desired RFC Function Name you want to use.

Max Returned Rows

The Max Returned Rows option allows you to limit the number of rows returned.

Batch Size

The Batch Size option allows you to specify how many records you want to retrieve each time. The default value is 1000. The maximum allowed value is 2000. This parameter should not be too small for performance reasons. Note that the component will automatically page through all records based on the object or object query you have specified below, regardless of the value of the Batch Size option.

Where Clauses

There are two options available under the Where Clauses option:

Condition Builder Mode

There are two options available under the Connection Type tab:

  • Add condition (+): Adds a condition to be used in the query.
  • Remove condition (-): Removes the condition that was added.
  • Move Right: Moves the condition right and adds a bracket to the left.
  • Move Left: Moves the condition left and adds a bracket to the right.
  • Remove All: Removes all conditions
Refresh Component

By clicking the Refresh Component button, the component will retrieve the latest data from SAP and update each field.

The Refresh Component feature has been designed to minimize any additional rework. Particularly, the component will only update all existing fields to the latest SAP metadata without actually deleting and re-creating them. This would otherwise cause rework if you have a downstream pipeline component mapped to such fields.

Columns Page

The Columns page of the SAP Table Source Component shows you all available columns from the object or object query that you have defined in the General page.

SSIS SAP Table Source Component - Columns Page

Primary Input

The drop-down menu lists all of the available inputs.

Hide Selected Fields

When the Hide Selected Fields checkbox is checked selected input parameters will be hidden.

Hide Unselected Fields

When the Hide Unselected Fields checkbox is checked unselected input parameters will be hidden.


The visible input parameters can be filtered by entering text in the Filter text box.

The grid on the Columns page contains five columns:

  • Selection: Allows you to select the rows that you require to map.
  • Field Name: Column that will be retrieved from input data.
  • IsKey: Points to the field being a key or not.
  • Field Description: The description field displays a description of the endpoint.
  • Data Type: The target SAP field's data type.