The Ultimate Edition is one single license that allows you to download the SSIS Productivity Pack and any of our 14 SSIS Integration Toolkit without purchasing individual licenses for each. Simply download the toolkit you require and your Ultimate Edition license is applied automatically on the product.

All Access

One single license key to download all SSIS Integration Toolkit & SSIS Productivity Pack products (individual downloads of each product requried).

No Custom Scripts

Over 250 premium and unique SSIS components to facilitate rapid ETL development without any custom scripting.

Any Integration

Includes dozens of Connection Managers to connect and integrate with virtually any application or database system, including dedicated support for over 40 applications.

Boost Productivity

Receive dozens of additional connectivity and productivity enhancement solutions to ease data integration development.

Immediate Updates

Access to new SSIS Integration Toolkit products and updates as soon as they are released (valid maintenance required).

Familiar Technology

Built utilizing Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), a performant and flexible ETL platform, allowing your team to take advantage of the technologies and skills they already have.

Ultimate Edition: Product Family

The SSIS Integration Toolkit - Ultimate Edition provides access to cost-effective, codeless, high-performance data integration solutions that are flexible and easy to use.

Built on Microsoft SQL Server utilizing SQL Server Integration Services as the ETL platform, our solutions enable data integration with virtually any application or database system.

With the Ultimate Edition, download the data integration solutions for several enterprise applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, SharePoint and many more to facilitate retrieving and writing data between various applications or databases. With the Ultimate Edition license, get the SSIS Productivity Pack, a collection of advanced SSIS components to enable greater developer productivity.

Everything You Need

The SSIS Integration Toolkit - Ultimate Edition is the must-have access to all KingswaySoft SSIS Integration products.

Click on the products below to learn more about each solution that is available as a part of the Ultimate Edition.

Enhance Your Data and Productivity

Improve your productivity and your data with the SSIS Productivity Pack, downloadable with the Ultimate Edition. The SSIS Productivity Pack is a collection of over 220 premium SSIS components for SSIS productivity & connectivity.

Click on the components below to learn more about each enhancement which are available with the Ultimate Edition license.

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