With the Message Queue components found within SSIS Productivity Pack, ETL developers can easily connect and integrate with various message queue services without writing a single line of code.

Our Message Queue components make it easy to integrate with different message queues to send and receive messages within the ETL process. Each service available has specific components that have been developed to work with all the intricacies of that particular message queue. This way developers spend less time developing and can focus on quickly getting the right data into the right spot.

We have support for the following message queues:

ssis AMQP connector   AMQP

ssis msmq connector   MSMQ

SSIS Message Queue components are all available in SSIS Productivity Pack.

Using our SSIS Message Queue components, you can integrate these endpoints with virtually any other application or database system. They can also enable developers to take advantage of message queues to bridge the gap between batch and queue-based data integration strategies.