KingswaySoft Integration Gateway, offers real-time data integration for businesses that require instantaneous data across all applications. It allows developers to setup webhook listeners to receive messages from modern cloud applications, and publish them to one or more message queues or file system. From there developers can trigger further integrations by pushing the data to its final destination, such as using a SSIS task, or anything that can receive messages from a queue and further process them.

Real Time Integration

Publish to message queues and file systems when Integration Gateway receives a notification from your online services.

Set and Forget

As a Windows Service, Integration Gateway will run automatically at boot and will continue to do so regardless if a user is logged in.

Connect to Any Online Service

Connect Integration Gateway with any online service via webhooks.

No More Schedules

Skip the batch integration schedules and run ETL projects when the data changes.

Always Listening

With webhooks, Integration Gateway continually monitors online applications for any change in data.

Keep Your Data Local

Retain control of your data with Integration Gateway running on your local systems.

How Integration Gateway Works


Integration Gateway


  1. Configure the webhooks and destinations required.
  1. Integration Gateway is notified via webhooks when data is updated on your online services.
  1. Integration Gateway will queue all notifications and pass them on to the configured destination.
  1. The destination service will run to collect and integrate the new information.

Facilitate Real Time Integration with Integration Gateway

KingswaySoft Integration Gateway - How it works

Integration Gateway Scenarios

Big Data Integration

Client A just bought a new home and is spending quite a lot of time shopping for new furniture. Client A is shopping in stores and buying things outside of her normal activities. Client A receives a call from her bank asking her to go over a few of her recent transactions.

This was made possible by transferring transaction data in real time from the bank's online system to its Big Data service via Integration Gateway. As transactions were recorded, Integration Gateway picked up on the changes, activating the bank's data integration process, transferring the new data to its Big Data service which analyzed the information and alerted banking representatives to the potential fraudulent activity.

ERP Integration

Retailer B wants to ensure that its inventory levels remain consistent between their online store and their 12 physical shops. At the moment, Retailer B runs a data integration package every five minutes to collect the latest purchases and transfer the new stock quantities to their ERP. Regardless if any purchase has been made, their integration package will run to check for changes before pulling the data.

With Integration Gateway, the integration packages will now only run when a change in inventory has occurred. Through its listening feature, Integration Gateway can monitor webhooks for change notifications and alert the integration packages to begin the integration process. That way, integration only occurs when required and at the time it takes place. Retailer B has gotten rid of the 5 minute delay in updating its inventory and improved the efficiency of its integration system.

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Easily Integrate Your Data in Real Time

With Integration Gateway, facilitate real time integration by receiving data webhooks from modern cloud applications and publishing them to messaging queues or file systems, and triggering further integrations.

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Technical Requirements: The Integration Gateway requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1.