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Integration Gateway allows developers to set up webhook listeners to receive messages from modern cloud applications, and publish them to one or more message queues or file system. From there, developers can trigger further integrations by pushing the data to its final destination, such as using an SSIS task or anything that can receive messages from a queue and further process them. Purchase now at our introductory pricing!

Single Server Licenses

Integration Gateway can be deployed to a physical server or a virtual server, either on-premise or on the cloud.

Each server will require a separate license.

Subscription License

for KingswaySoft Integration Gateway

  • Commercial subscription license for one single server.
  • The license works for the entire subscription period with maintenance & upgrade included (subject to the terms and conditions in our EULA); will stop working if not renewed.
  • Works on one server.
  • No other restrictions on software features or the number of users, processors, etc.
  • Multi-year subscription is also available.

$2,399 USD

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Legacy Single Server Perpetual License

for KingswaySoft Integration Gateway

  • Perpetual license has been discontinued as of November 12, 2021, it is no longer available for new purchases.
  • For your existing license, maintenance renewal is available. You can either log in to the portal to find the renewal option there, or otherwise you may reach out to us for a formal renewal quotation.

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