Bypass Power Automate Flows in Dynamics 365 Data Load Process

30 May 2023
KingswaySoft Team

When loading data into Dynamics 365 using any API-based tools, any of your Power Automate flows you have defined will be triggered as the load occurs. This can result in unnecessary overhead for the data load. In this blog post, we will show you how to bypass Power Automate flows during data loading by leveraging the new features introduced in our latest v23.1 release.


Periodically Clean Up File Folders Using SSIS Productivity Pack

29 May 2023
KingswaySoft Team

Applications and processes often rely on external resources, which can be expensive to retrieve or obtain. Therefore, modern applications often employ cache strategies to save these external resources in the local file system and achieve improved performance. In some other cases, you might have an application that keeps creating random temporary files to facilitate certain system requirements which cannot be achieved otherwise. However, as every coin has two sides, these caches or temporary files, in the long run, can build up in the system and occupy large disk space, which could have adverse effects and result in volume deficiency in the system. Implementing a scheduled cleanup of the cache folder by removing those files that are older than a certain age can become necessary in your ETL process.