Using KingswaySoft to Integrate with Couchbase Capella Managed Instances

28 February 2024
KingswaySoft Team

Connecting to Couchbase Capella presents challenges that require additional procedures outside SSIS. These can lead to connection errors and present a significant obstacle during setup. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the process of seamlessly integrating with Couchbase Capella's online managed instances using the Couchbase Connection Manager.


Effective Use of KingswaySoft Email Destination to Send Emails with Attachments

23 February 2024
KingswaySoft Team

Sending emails is a common scenario in integrations, whether for logging a process status, sending a periodic report, job monitoring, etc. Handling this within the SSIS package can be advantageous in many ways, and with KingswaySoft's Email Destination Component, we make it as easy as possible.