Google Services components are SSIS components from SSIS Productivity Pack which facilitate codeless integration with various Google Services APIs.

The SSIS Productivity Pack currently supports connecting to and retrieving data from Google Analytics and Google AdWords as well as connecting to and retrieving and writing data to Google Sheets and Google BigQuery.

Google AdWords Components

  • Google AdWords Connection Manager
    • Facilitates connecting to a Google AdWords customer account through the Google AdWords REST API.
  • Google AdWords Source
    • Facilitates retrieving Google AdWords data from specified Report Type, Date Range, and other user-defined filters and variables.

Google Analytics Components

Google BigQuery Components

Google Sheets Components

  • Google Sheets Connection Manager
    • Facilitates connection to a Google Sheets document through a Google account and the Google Sheets REST API.
  • Google Sheets Source Component
    • An SSIS data flow component which facilitates retrieving data from a Google Sheet.
  • Google Sheets Destination Component
    • An SSIS data flow component which is used to facilitate writing data to a Google Sheet. Developers will be able to specify if they would like to Append, Update, Clear, CopyTo, Create, or Batch Update when writing to Google Sheets.

Shared Utilities

  • Google Services Token Manager
    • The Google Services Token Manager is used when development and deployment occur on different machines. It is a utility external to SSIS for adding, removing, importing or exporting Tokens from machine to machine.

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