The following components are SSIS components which facilitate data integration with NoSQL databases.

The SSIS Productivity Pack currently includes components for data integration with MongoDB relational database. Below is the documentation for using the 3 components for facilitating data integration with MongoDB.

  • MongoDB Connection Manager
    • Facilitates the connection to a MongoDB server from within SSIS.
  • MongoDB Source Component
    • An SSIS data flow component to facilitate retrieving data from a MongoDB server. Features the ability to add a MongoDB filter string to filter the documents returned as well as the option for specifying a MongoDB projection string to limit the fields returned in each document.
  • MongoDB Destination Component
    • An SSIS data flow component to facilitate writing data for a MongoDB server though a Insert, Replace, Update or Delete action, with the option to use Upsert on Replace and Update actions. Includes Filter String editor and Update String map editor to make generating MongoDB filter/update strings easy.