Using the Couchbase Connection Manager

The Couchbase Connection Manager is an SSIS connection manager component that can be used to establish connections with Couchbase.

To add a Couchbase connection to your SSIS package, right-click the Connection Manager area in your Visual Studio project, and choose "New Connection..." from the context menu. You will be prompted the "Add SSIS Connection Manager" window. Select the "Couchbase" item to add the new Couchbase connection manager.

New Connection

Add SSIS Couchbase Connection Manager

The Couchbase Connection Manager contains the following two pages to connect to your Couchbase server.

  • Authentication
  • Advanced

Authentication Page

The Authentication page of the Couchbase Connection Manager allows you to specify the server addresses and credentials for authentication.

Couchbase Connection Manager

Service Endpoint

This option allows you to specify the endpoint to which you are connecting to.


The Authorization username that would be used to access the Couchbase instance.


The password that would be used to access the Couchbase instance.

Test Connection

After all the connection information has been provided, you may click the "Test Connection" button to test if you can connect successfully.

It is worth mentioning, when connecting to a Couchbase online instance, a certificate import will be required in order for the connection to work. The following are the procedure of the process.

  1. Sign in here:
  2. Click on 'Databases'
  3. Click on the correct database name
  4. Click on settings
  5. Click on 'Security Certificate'
  6. Click 'Copy'
  7. Paste that into a file and name it "couchbase.crt" (the name can be anything appropriate as a file name)
  8. Right click on the file and 'Install Certificate', and choose to install for machine or user when prompted
  9. Install into a specific store which is 'Trusted Root Certification Authorities'
  10. Finish

Advanced Page

This page contains all possible settings for a Couchbase connection. Clicking on a specific setting will display a description for the selected property at the bottom of The Advanced page.

Couchbase Connection Manager - Advanced