The Mail Components are SSIS components which enable email capabilities within SSIS.

Within this category we currently have three components that work to connect, read, and send from an email server, and three that allow connecting and sending emails through SMTP.

The following are the Mail components available within the SSIS Productivity Pack and the link to their Help Manuals:

Youtube Video - Getting started with SSIS Productivity Pack - Mail Components

  • Email Connection Manager
    • Supports connecting to an IMAP, POP3 or Exchange Web Services mail server within SSIS.
  • Email Source
    • This SSIS component is used to receive emails from a mail server using the email connection manager and output them into columns.
  • Email Destination
    • This SSIS component is used to send emails in addition to performing basic tasks.
  • SMTP Connection Manager
    • Allows developers to connect to an SMTP server within SSIS.
  • SMTP Destination
    • Used to send emails within the SSIS data flow using column data.
  • SMTP Task
    • Used to send emails to predefined recipient(s) within the SSIS control flow.