The Mail Components are SSIS components which enable email capabilities within SSIS.

Within this category we currently have 2 components that work to connect and read from an email server, and 3 that allow connecting and sending emails through SMTP.

The following are the Mail components available within the SSIS Productivity Pack and the link to their Help Manuals:

Youtube Video - Getting started with SSIS Productivity Pack - Mail Components

  • Email Connection Manager
    • Supports connecting to an IMAP, POP3 or Exchange Web Services mail server within SSIS.
  • Email Source
    • This SSIS component is used to receive emails from a mail server using the email connection manager and output them into columns.
  • SMTP Connection Manager
    • Allows developers to connect to an SMTP server within SSIS.
  • SMTP Destination
    • Used to send emails within the SSIS data flow using column data.
  • SMTP Task
    • Used to send emails to predefined recipient(s) within the SSIS control flow.