Using the SMTP Connection Manager

The SMTP Connection Manager is an SSIS connection manager component that can be used to establish connections to an SMTP server to send emails.

To add an SMTP connection to your SSIS package, right-click the Connection Manager area in your Visual Studio project, and choose "New Connection..." from the context menu. You will be prompted the "Add SSIS Connection Manager" window. Select the "SMTP" item to add the new SMTP connection manager.

New Connection

Add SSIS SMTP Connection Manager


The General page on the SMTP Connection Manager allows you to specify general settings for the connection.

SMTP Connection Manager

Server Information

The SMTP server URL.


The SMTP server port number.

Enable SSL

Specifies whether or not to use SSL encryption when connecting to the SMTP server.

Additional Settings
Timeout (secs)

The Timeout (secs) option allows you to specify a timeout value in seconds for the connection. The default value is 120 seconds.


The Authentication page on the SMTP Connection Manager allows you to specify configurations related to its authentication.

SMTP Connection Manager - Authentication.png

Authentication Mode

Choose between None, Basic and OAuth 2.

Username/Email (Available for Basic and NTLM Authentication mode)

The username or email for the authentication.

Password (Available for Basic and NTLM Authentication mode)

The Password for the Basic authentication.

Generate Token File

The Generate Token File... button completes the OAuth authentication. After you click this button simply follow the steps in the dialog to generate your token.

Path To Token File

The path to the token file on the file system. This will open up the OAuth 2 Token generator. Please follow this link for dedicated Help Manual page for OAuth token generator and how it can be configured. Scroll to the bottom to find the section "Using the OAuth2 Token Generator".

Note: By default you are using the authorization information (Client Id and Client Secret) provided by KingswaySoft for your convenience when setting up the connection, it should NEVER be used for production purposes.

Token File Password

The password to the token file.