Premium Data Flow Components are SSIS components which work to expand and enhance the features of native SSIS components.

Within SSIS Productivity Pack, we offer some advanced SSIS components which provide some significantly improved features comparing to the out-of-box counterpart components. Those components help you achieve more with less effort.

We currently have three premium SSIS data flow components available, including:

  • Premium ADO.NET Source
    • An advanced version of the standard ADO.NET Source component to support 7 types of data providers including Oracle and MySQL.
  • Premium ADO.NET Destination
    • An enhanced ADO.NET Destination component to support writing to 7 types of data providers through 4 write actions; Insert, Update, Delete, or Upsert.
  • Premium Derived Column
    • Supports all the functionality of the out-of-box component plus has a total of nearly 200 functions, an advanced expression editor, advanced data type detection and the ability to validate and test expressions with test values.