Using the Premium Aggregate Component

The Premium Aggregate Component is a data flow transformation component that can be used to perform an aggregate operation on the input columns, and group them to a data set.

The component contains the below page that can be configured to get one or more aggregate outputs.

Premium Aggregate Editor

Input Column
You can choose the input column on which to apply the operation.
Output Column Name
The aggregate output column that can be written to another downstream component.

The aggregate operation can be chosen using this field. Below are shown the available options:

  • Count
  • Count Distinct
  • First
  • Group By
  • Last
  • Maximum
  • Maximum Length
  • Minimum
  • Minimum Length
Properties Grid

This grid on the right side of the component can be used to adjust the properties of the Input and output columns and the operation fields, along with any datatype changes that need to be performed in the component.

Premium Aggregate Properties Grid

Output Dropdown
You can choose to have more than one output in the component, and you can create a new output by choosing it from the dropdown list.
Rename Output
You can rename the output using the option
Remove Output
The aggregate outputs can be removed with this option.