Using the Cassandra Connection Manager

The Cassandra Connection Manager contains the following three pages to connect to your Apache Cassandra server.

  • General
  • SSL
  • Advanced

General Page

The General page of the Cassandra Connection Manager allows you to configure server addresses and credentials for authentication.

Cassandra Connection Manager - General Page


Add and remove hosts using the 'Add Host' and 'Remove Host' buttons.


The Port to your Cassandra server.

Authentication Mode

The type of authentication used to access your Cassandra deployment. The available options are:

  • Basic
  • Dse (Kerberos)
  • Plain (LDAP)
  • None

The Username to use for authentication.


The Password to use for authentication.

Test Connection

After all the connection information has been provided, click the "Test Connection" button to test if you can connect successfully.

SSL Page

The SSL page allows you to configure TLS\SSL-related settings.

Cassandra Connection Manager - SSL Page

Client Certificate
Certificate Location

Allows you to specify the location of the certificate that will be used. There are two options available:

  • Store
  • File System
Certificate Thumbprint

Allows you to specify the thumbprint of the client certificate from the Certificate Store. Click the ellipses button to browse and select a certificate for the user's store. This option is available when you choose Store as Certificate Location.

Path to Certificate

Provide the path to the certificate file to use for authentication. Click the ellipses button to browse their file system for the certificate. This option is available when you choose File System as Certificate Location.

Note: The component supports an Azure Blob Shared Access Signature (SAS) URL in the certificate path.

Certificate Password

Provide the password to the certificate file. This option is available when you choose File System as the Certificate Location.

Advanced Page

The Advanced page contains all possible settings for a Cassandra connection. For more details, visit the Cassandra Documentation.

Cassandra Connection Manager - Advanced Page