Google Ads Source Component

The Google Ads Source component is an SSIS data flow pipeline component that can be used to read/retrieve data from Google Ads.

The component includes the following two pages to configure how you want to read data from Google Ads.

  • General
  • Columns

General page

The General page of Google Ads Source Component allows you to specify the general settings of the component.

SSIS Google Ads Source

Connection Manager

The Google Ads Source Component requires a connection in order to connect to Google Ads. The Connection Manager drop-down will show a list of all connection managers that are available to your current SSIS packages.

Report Type

The Report Type drop-down contains a list of available Report Types in Google Ads.

Date Range

The Date Range option allows you to specify a date range to retrieve data from Google Ads. The Date value can be for a specific date period by using the DateTimePicker controls or can be selected from the drop-down list, which contains several pre-defined date range, including Today only, The last 7 days not including today, The entire available time range, etc.


The Filters option allows you to specify the filter conditions when retrieving data from Google AdWords.

Expression fx Button 

Clicking the fx button to launch SSIS Expression Editor to enable dynamic update of the property at run time.

Generate Documentation Button 

Clicking the Generate Documentation button to generate a Word document which describes the component's metadata including relevant mapping, and so on.

Column page

The Columns page of the Google Ads Source Component shows you all available fields from the report type that you specified on the General page.

SSIS Google Ads Source - Columns

On the top left of the grid, you can see a checkbox, which can be used to toggle the selection of all available fields. This is a productive way to check or uncheck all available fields.

The Columns Page grid consists of:
  • Google Ads Field: Column that will be retrieved from Google Ads.
  • Display Name: The human-readable name of this field.
  • Data Type: The data type of this field.
Refresh Component Button

Clicking the Refresh Component button causes the component to retrieve the latest metadata and update each field to its most recent metadata.