Using the Box Connection Manager

The Box Connection Manager is an SSIS connection manager component that can be used to establish connections with Box.

To add a Box connection to your SSIS package, right-click the Connection Manager area in your Visual Studio project, and choose "New Connection..." from the context menu. You will be prompted the "Add SSIS Connection Manager" window. Select the "Box (KingswaySoft)" item to add the new Box Connection Manager.

new connection

add SSIS Box connection manager

The Box Connection Manager contains the following three pages which configures how you want to connect to Box.

  • General
  • Advanced Settings
  • More Info 

General page

The General page on the Box Connection Manager allows you to specify general settings for the connection.

SSIS Box Connection Manager

Token Location 

The Token Location option allows you to specify Local Machine or Current User. Box Connection Manager retrieves tokens from the Box app, once you give authorization. The tokens are stored in Registry so that once they expire, our component will automatically request new tokens from to minimize user effort, and replace the existing tokens with the new ones in Registry. You have two options to choose where in registry you would like to store these tokens:

  • Local Machine: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
  • Current User: HKEY_CURRENT_USER
User Name

The User Name drop-down lists all existing tokens in Registry according to the specified token location.

Add User ID (In App)

The Add User ID (In App) button completes the entire OAuth authentication process inside of the toolkit. All you need to do is login to Box and authorize our app to generate your Box tokens.

Add User ID (In Browser)

The Add User ID (In Browser) button completes the OAuth authentication using your default browser. After you click this button simply follow the steps in the dialog to generate your Box tokens.

Impersonate User

The Impersonate User option allows enterprise administrators to make API calls for their managed users. It can also be used by a Service Account to make API calls for managed users or app users. You would need to specify the USER_ID in this option to impersonate the managed user to read data from

Note: This option requires the request to come from an Admin, a Co-admin, or a Services Account to be successful. For more information, please check Box API.

Timeout (secs)

The Timeout (secs) option allows you to specify a timeout value in seconds for the connection. The default value is 120 seconds.

Upload Chunk Size (since v6.0)

The Upload Chunk Size option allows you to specify the size of the file content to be divided to upload large file sequentially.

Retry on Intermittent Errors

This is an option designed to help recover from possible intermittent outages or disruption of service. It prevents the integration process from stopping due to temporary issues. Enabling this option will allow service calls to be retried upon certain types of failure. A service call may be retried up to 3 times before an exception is fired. Retries occur after 0 seconds, 15 seconds, and 60 seconds.

Warning: We have designed our retry feature carefully such that the retry should only occur when it is deemed safe to do so; however, in some occasions such retry service calls could result in the creation of duplicate data.

Test Connection

After all the connection information has been provided, you may click the Test Connection button to test if the connection settings entered are valid.

Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings page on the Box Connection Manager allows you to specify some advanced and optional settings for the connection.

SSIS Box Connection Manager - Advanced settings

Proxy Mode

Proxy Mode option allows to specify how you want to configure the proxy server setting. There are three options available.

  • No Proxy
  • Auto-detect (Using system configured proxy)
  • Manual
Proxy Server

Using Proxy Server option allows you to specify the name of the proxy server for the connection.


The Port option allows you to specify the port number of the proxy server for the connection.

Username (Proxy Server Authentication)

Username option (under Proxy Server Authentication) allows you to specify the proxy user account.

Password (Proxy Server Authentication)

Password option (under Proxy Server Authentication) allows you to specify the proxy user's password.

Note: The Proxy Password is not included in the connection manager's ConnectionString property by default. This is by design for security reasons. However, you can include it in your ConnectionString if you want to parameterize your connection manager. The format would be ProxyPassword=myProxyPassword;  (make sure you have a semicolon as the last character). It can be anywhere in the ConnectionString.

More Info page

The More Info page shows some basic information about the toolkit. In this page, you can find the version information of the toolkit.

SSIS Box Connection Manager - More Info