Using the Premium File Transfer Task

The Premium File Transfer Task is used to transfer files in addition to performing basic file system tasks.

Premium File Transfer Task Editor

Connection Manager

The Premium File Transfer Task Component requires a connection in order to connect to the Flat File. The Connection Manager drop-down will show a list of all connection managers that are available to your current SSIS package.

This component will support the following connection managers:

  • Local File
  • FTPS Connection Manager
  • SFTP Connection Manager
  • OneDrive Connection Manager
  • Dropbox Connection Manager
  • SharePoint Connection Manager (offered with the SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft SharePoint)
  • Amazon S3 Connection Manager(since v6.0)
  • Azure Blob Connection Manager(since v6.0)

The Premium File Transfer Task comes with 4 actions:

  • Send Files - This will transfer all file and directory content from a Source to a Destination Path.
    • Specify the Source Directory Settings:
      • Connection Manager
      • Directory Path
    • Specify the Destination Directory Settings where you would like to move the source content(s) to:
      • Connection Manager
      • Directory Path
  • Delete Files - This will delete all files within the parent path specified.
    • Specify the Destination Directory Settings
      • Connection Manager
      • Directory Path
  • Create Directory - This will create directories within the Directory Path specified.
    • Specify the Destination Directory Settings
      • Connection Manager
      • Directory Path
      • Directory Name
  • Remove Directory (deletes directory and contents) - This will remove the whole directory, along with its file contents.
    • Specify the Destination Directory Settings
      • Connection Manager
      • Directory Path
Include Subdirectories option

Enabled when the Action selected is Send Files and Delete Files. When the Include Subdirectories option is checked, all recursive folders and file contents will be sent to the destination path or deleted.

Continue On Error option

When an error occurs (ex. while trying to create, delete, or move files and folders) for an item and the Continue On Error option is selected, the component will continue to process the remaining items. In addition, there will be warnings reported by this component.

Overwrite Existing Items option

Enabled when the Action selected is Send Files. When the Overwrite Existing Items option is selected, if the file already exists in the Destination Path, the file will be overwritten.

Expression fx button

Clicking the fx button to launch SSIS Expression Editor to enable dynamic update of the property at run time.

Using wildcard characters

Wildcard characters * and ? can be used with SFTP and Local Files (since v1.2).

* matches any number of characters and ? matches a single alphabet in a specific position.

Using the Local File Connection Manager found in the Premium File Pack components

Within the Control Flow and Data Flow Components found in this toolkit, you will notice a 'Local File' connection manager in the Connection Manager area. Note that the Local File does not have to be configured in order for you to use this. You would simply select the 'Local File' option, and you would be able to access the folder and files within the local machine.