Release: SSIS Integration Toolkit v3.1 for

08 August 2013
KingswaySoft Announcement

Today we are very excited to announce the release of SSIS Integration Toolkit v3.1 for, which includes the following new enhancements.

  • New: We added a Request Limits in Salesforce connection manager, so that you can control how many API requests can be made to from the toolkit within a 24-hour period
  • New: We added support of HTTP compression
  • New: We added a configurable option called Enable Stack Trace, once enabled, it will report any exception encountered with stack trace included
  • Change: When Salesforce API Limits are reached in Salesforce Source component, it will not throw an exception which would fail the entire component, instead it will report a warning message
  • Update: We updated the API version from previous 26.0 to the latest 28.0
  • Enhancement: Some performance improvements

With the new release, we made some performance improvement, particularly if you are using SQL Server 2008 R2 or earlier, you should be able to see a 300-600% performance improvement when reading data from

Hope you find the new release useful, thank you for your continued support, as always.

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