Trello Webhook

The Trello Webhook page allows you to configure Trello’s webhook within the Integration Gateway to receive requests from it.

KingswaySoft Integration Gateway Console - Inbound Webhooks - Trello

API Secret
This option allows you to specify the API secret in order to be used to access the configured Webhook.
Edit Subscriptions

This button will open Trello Subscriptions Editor in order to configure new webhooks.

Trello Subscriptions Editor

Sign In

This button will open a new dialog in order to enter the API Key and get a new Token which will be used to authenticate to Trello.

Trello Sign In

Get Token
This button will open the default web browser in order to log in to Trello to get a new token.
This field will contain the existing access token.
This button will reveal the currently used Token.
This field specifies a description of the Webhook.
Model ID
This field specifies the model that the notifications will be sent when modified.
This field specifies the callback URL that events are sent to.