Facebook Webhook

The Facebook Webhook page allows you to configure Facebook’s webhook with the Integration Gateway to receive requests from it.

KingswaySoft Integration Gateway Console - Inbound Webhooks - Facebook

App Secret

The App Secret that is generated from Facebook in order to access the configured Webhook. The following steps can be used in order to create a new App Secret:

  1. Login to your Facebook account and navigate to https://developers.facebook.com.
  2. Click on “My App” >> “Add a New App”.
  3. Enter “Display Name” of your new application and “Contact Email”.
  4. Click on “Create App Id”.
  5. Enter a name for your custom app.
  6. Expand the Setting menu and select Basic.
  7. You can find the App ID and App Secret where you can click on the “Show” button in the “App Secret” text box to save it.

Then, to set up a new webhook, use your app's App Dashboard to add and configure the Webhooks product:

  1. In the App Dashboard, go to Products > Webhooks, select User from the drop-down menu, then click Subscribe to this object.
  2. Enter your Integration Server URL in the Callback URL field and enter a string in the Verify Token field.
  3. Facebook will send a Verification Request to the Integration Gateway.
  4. Subscribe to individual fields which notifications will be sent for when modified.
Allow one new “verification request”

When this option is enabled, the integration gateway will respond to the verification request sent by Facebook when setting up a new Webhook.