Uninstallation Done Properly for KingswaySoft Toolkits

30 June 2020
KingswaySoft Team

There are cases that you might have to uninstall our software due to various reasons. It could be that you have finished your development cycle, and you no longer need the software in the system, and you want to reclaim the disk space used by our software. Or you might be upgrading our software installation to a newer version in which case we generally recommend you perform a clean uninstall before you install the newer version so your upgrade starts in a clean state. Nonetheless, regardless of the circumstances, we recognize there are situations you have that requires uninstalling our software. This blog post is intended to clear up some misunderstanding or confusions that you may possibly have, and hopefully helps guide you through the process with ease.

How to Uninstall KingswaySoft

First of all, it is important to recognize that our software, whether it be the SSIS Integration Toolkit, SSIS Productivity Pack, or the KingswaySoft Integration Gateway, is using Windows Installer as the underlying technology to perform the installation and uninstallation. Because of that, you would want to follow the general Windows Installer principles when trying to uninstall our software from your system.

Make your way to the Windows Control Panel and the Apps & Features list. Locate the app you wish to uninstall and click the Uninstall button.

Windows Control Panel - Easiest Way to Uninstall KingswaySoft

Just follow through the uninstall process, and the application and its related info will be removed from your system.

Rare Complication: MSI File Required

Though rare, during the uninstallation process, you may be requested to provide the .msi file that you used when you installed our software. This situation arises due to a corruption within Windows Installer. Windows Installer corruption could happen to almost every application that you have installed on your system and is not specific to our solutions. This situation can be user-caused in the case where changes were made to the Windows Installer folder or Windows Installer Database Files or even Windows Installer itself where it fails to run correctly.

If you are using the latest version of our software, you can return to our website to re-download the specific MSI file (located within the ZIP file downloaded).

Request Download via the KingswaySoft Website

If using an older version, the Download pages on our website can direct you to our Release Archives page, which contains major past releases of our software. To access our Release Archives page, make your way to the Download page for our product. If you are a registered KingswaySoft user and are logged in to our online store, you will see a link to the Release Archives page, as shown in the screenshot below.

Accessing the Release Archives page is you are a Registered User

If you are not a registered KingswaySoft user, click on the Request Download button and complete the request form to receive the download links via email.

Download Request Form for Unregistered Users

The email will contain a link to our Release Archives page.

Release Archives Link Available in Download Email

Our Release Archives page consists of links to ZIP files which contain the MSI file for our major releases. In the event you need access to a version not available on the page (most likely a temporary release that we had issued), your next option would be to use Windows's Program Install and Uninstall troubleshooter application as explained in the next section.

Release Archives Page

Last Resort Solution: Windows Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter

Though extremely rare, a situation may arise where Windows Installer corruption may be preventing you from uninstalling KingswaySoft products and you are unable to obtain the MSI file.  With such rare occurrences, a solution is also available to help uninstall our solution or any other application that you are having trouble with removing.

Microsoft provides a Program Install and Uninstall troubleshooter application for situations where Windows Installer fails or there are corrupt registry files involved. We consider this to be an option of last resort when uninstalling our software.

Final Thoughts: Reach Out to Us

As always, you can reach out to our Support team if you stumble upon any issues with our solution, including uninstalling. If you are facing any rare complication with the uninstallation process, our team will guide you through the correct procedure to ensure that you complete your task. We are always available to help.