"Value cannot be null" error for securityTokenResponse parameter

28 July 2014
KingswaySoft Support

After our new v5.0 SR-1 release for SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we have received a couple of reportings of the following error message:

CRM service call returned an error: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: securityTokenResponse

2014-07 CRM null securityTokenResponse Error

The error is related to our recent changes of CRM login session management in v5.0 SR-1 release, it happens when you have a wrong authentication type selected. Our prior release was more tolerant on this error, but 5.0 SR-1 requires the right selection of Authentication Type option in CRM connection manager. If you have a wrong Authentication Type selected, you will most likely end up with the above error message.

The fix for the issue is rather simple. You just have to change your CRM connection manager's Authentication Type from Active Directory to Federated, or Live ID (only if you are still using a Windows Live ID environment which is very rare nowadays).