Release: SSIS Integration Toolkit v3.0 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

27 February 2013
KingswaySoft Announcement

Today we are very excited to announce the official release of SSIS Integration Toolkit v3.0 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Thanks to your continuous feedback, we are not short of new features in this release. Some of the most exciting features include CRM Bulk Data Load API support, ExecuteWorkflow action, and CRM OptionSet Mapping component, etc. The following is a list of the changes in the new version.

  • New: We added Bulk Data Load API support introduced in Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update and Update Rollup 12 (UR12) release.
  • New: We added a new data flow component called CRM OptionSet Mapping component, which allows managing the translation of option set text values. Also it provides a capability to let you create new option when no match is found for the target OptionSet/Picklist field.
  • New: We added a new action to CRM destination component called ExecuteWorkflow, so you can now use SSIS to run your CRM workflows at scheduled time.
  • New: We added a new option to CRM destination component called Handling of Multiple Matches, which allows you to perform different action when multiple matches are found with Upsert action. The available options include Update All, Update One, Ignore, Raise an Error.
  • New: We added a new option to CRM destination component called Send datetime values in UTC format.
  • New: We added a new button to CRM destination component's editor window so that you can click it to map any unmapped fields by matching names.
  • New: We made the Input Column sortable in CRM destination component
  • Breaking Change: All typecode fields (such as owneridtype, partyobjecttypecode, objecttypecode, etc.) in CRM source component will be changed to a nvarchar(64) column instead of int, when SOAP 2011 endpoint is used.
  • Breaking Change: In CRM destination component, empty string will be treated as NULL when used for Upsert matching.
  • Update: CRM Source Component's metadata version has increased to 2 to accommodate the above breaking change for typecode fields. 
  • Update: Some rewording of error messages.
  • Bug Fixes: Some UI bug fixes for CRM connection manager. 
  • Enhancement: Text Lookup feature has been enhanced, which now allows you to perform lookup to CRM records using text values against any text fields. Additionally, text feature will not report an exception when duplicates are encountered, it will simply pick the first match.
  • Enhancement: When creating new record using CRM destination component, we try to not submit an extra SetState request when the provided statecode is the default statecode for the entity.
  • Enhancement: We added a retry mechanism to CRM source component, so if an error is encountered when querying CRM system, the component will make two retries using the same query. Each retry will be logged as a warning message.
  • Enhancement: Improved equality handling when Ignore Unchanged Fields option is selected for Update or Upsert action in CRM destination component.
  • Enhancement: We removed the dependency of Windows Identity Foundation when you are only using Active Directory authentication.
  • Enhancement: Significant code refactoring and optimization for better performance and maintainability.

We want to thank you for your continued support, and we hope you like the new release!