Release: SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM v1.1

19 April 2012
KingswaySoft Announcement

Today, we are happy to announce that a new version of SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (v1.1) is now available for download. The release includes the following new features and changes.

  • Added support for parameterized FetchXML query for CRM source component, so that you can now use variables in FetchXML query (Thanks to Myles for the suggestion)
    Parameterized CRM FetchXML Query
  • Added FetchXML toolbar which provides some common functionality including Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo and the ability to add variables to FetchXML query
  • Added version number information to CRM connection manager's More Info screen (Thanks to Manish for the suggestion)
    CRM Connection Manager with Version Number
  • In CRM connection manager, instead of reporting "Test connection failed", we now provide better detailed message (Thanks to Manish for the suggestion)
    Failed to Connect in CRM Connection Manager
  • Updated FastColoredTextBox library from v2.6.7.0 to v2.7.4.0
  • Some other minor changes

A new build is now available for download at our product download page.  

In order to install the new build, you will need to uninstall the previous version first.  

If you have any other feature requests that would make the tool better, please don't hesitate to let us know. We always appreciate your input and support. 

Thanks for reading.