Using the Data Spawner Component

The Data Spawner Component is a source component that is used to generate random data. Generating test data is as easy as specify column names, their spawn types, and the number of rows to generate. 

Add columns by clicking the green '+' button. To configure the column properties, select a column in the data grid view and configure the properties in the property grid to the right. To remove a column, select it in the data grid view and click the red '-' button.

Data Spawner Editor

Number of Rows to Spawn

The number of rows the Data Spawner will generate.

Spawn Type

Select one of the existing spawn types to generate random data from. The following are some special Spawn Types to take note of:

  • <ignore>: Every record will be NULL.
  • Custom: Has additional parameters that allow you to specify your own spawn values. Specify the available spawn values in the List of Values property. Specify the delimiter for your list in the Delimiter property. Specify the order of the spawn values in the Spawn Order property. This way you can choose a custom delimiter that makes sense based on the available values. 
  • Number: Has additional parameters to specify the range (Maximum Value & Minimum Value). This generates a decimal number. The number of decimal places is represented by the Scale option. (A scale of 0 would be an integer, a scale of 2 would be a decimal with 2 decimal places)
  • RandomString: Has additional parameters to specify Valid Characters and the length range (Maximum Length & Minimum Length). This generates a random string.
  • ZipCode: Has one additional parameter - Zip Code Format - to specify the format of the spawn zip code values.