Using the Data Anonymizer Component

The Data Anonymizer Component is a transformation component used to mask data. Select columns to mask and select their anonymization type. The values in these columns will be replaced with randomly generated data based on the anonymous type selected.

Columns Page

Select a column in the data grid view and configure its anonymization settings in the property grid to the right.

Data Anonymizer Editor - Columns Page

Anonymization Type

Select one of the existing anonymous types to generate random data from. The following are some special Anonymous Types to take note of:

  • <ignore> - The existing value for the column will remain
  • Number - Has additional parameters to specify the range (Maximum Value & Minimum Value). This generates a decimal number. The number of decimal places is represented by the Scale option. (A scale of 0 would be an integer, a scale of 2 would be a decimal with 2 decimal places)
  • Custom - Has additional parameters that allow you to specify your own anonymous values. Specify the available anonymous values in the List of Values property. Specify the delimiter for your list in the Delimiter property. This way you can choose a custom delimiter that makes sense based on the available values. 
Error Handling page

The Error Handling page allows you to specify how errors should be handled when they happen. 

Data Anonymizer Editor - Error Handling Page

There are three options available. 

  1. Fail on error
  2. Redirect rows to error output
  3. Ignore error

When the Redirect rows to error output option is selected, rows that failed to be anonymized will be redirected to the 'Error Output' output of the Transformation Component. As indicated in the screenshot below, the blue output connection represent rows that were successfully anonymized, and the red 'Error Output' connection represents rows that were erroneous. The 'ErrorMessage' output column found in the 'Error Output' may contain the error message that was reported by server or the component itself.

Data Anonymizer Editor - Error Output