Using the Premium File Properties Task

The Premium File Properties Task is a control flow component that can be used to:

  1. Read the properties of a file from a path
  2. Update the properties of a file from a path

There are two pages that can be configured.


The General page includes the general properties for the component.

Premium File Properties Task

Source Directory Settings
Connection Manager

The Connection Manager drop-down displays a list of all connection managers that are available for your current SSIS package.

This component supports the following connection managers:

  • Local File
  • FTPS Connection Manager
  • SFTP Connection Manager
  • Amazon S3 Connection Manager
  • Azure Blob Connection Manager
  • Azure Data Lake Storage Connection Manager
  • Azure Files Connection Manager
  • Box Connection Manager
  • Dropbox Connection Manager
  • Google Cloud Storage Connection Manager
  • Google Drive Connection Manager (since v21.2)
  • Hadoop Connection Manager
  • OneDrive Connection Manager
  • WebDAV Connection Manager
Source Path

Specify the source file path to read

Item Selection Mode

The Item Selection Mode settings specifies what sub-items (if any) you wish to retrieve. The available modes are:

  • Selected Item: Retrieves only the item specified at Source Item Path
  • Recursive: Retrieves the item specified at Source Item Path and its sub items recursively.
  • Selected Level: Retrieves the item specified at Source Item Path and its sub items.
  • Recursive (Files Only): Selects items the same as the Recursive mode but only returns files.
  • Selected Level (Files Only): Selects items the same as the Selected Level mode but only returns files.

There are two actions that can be chosen:

  • Read File Properties
  • Update File Properties
Multiple Matching Handling

The below could be chosen to handle multiple matches:

  • Largest File Size
  • Newest File (Creation Date)
  • Newest File (Modified Date)
  • Oldest File (Created Date)
  • Oldest File (Modified Date)
  • Smallest File
  • Write to All Matches
Filter Parameters

This grid allows you to specify filter parameters. You can choose a property, and then assign a filter condition to it to read the files.

Property Output Mapping

This grid would vary depending on the Action that is chosen. If the action is to read the file, then the properties to read can be chosen. If the action to update the file properties is chosen, then the properties that can be updated can be chosen in the field. This would also allow you to specify the value to update.

Note: When reading a property value, the values can be assigned to a variable that can be chosen from the grid on the right side of the component.

Error Handling

Th Error Handling page can be used to handle errors.

Premium File Properties Task

Fail on error

When chosen, will fail the component on error.

Write error to variable

Will write the error message to a variable.

Ignore error

Ignores the error and continues the task.