Dummy Destination Component

The Dummy Destination Component works as a sink for the SSIS data flow pipeline by receiving incoming rows like a typical destination component, but it does not perform any actual writing. The component can be useful for one or more of the following scenarios.

  • When the dummy destination component is present in a data flow task, it will make sure that the data flow will be processed during runtime even when the Runtime Optimization has been turned on.
  • It can prevent the data flow task from reporting any warning messages regarding unused columns from upstream components.
  • The component can be used as a terminator in a data flow task so that you could add a data viewer before the Dummy Destination component in order to debug the data moving through the SSIS pipeline before the destination component.

Dummy Destination component

This component is a free component that requires no commercial license or any specific configurations. Neither will it ever perform any meaningful write operations. If it is desired to have the data saved, it is advised that you could use one of the other destination components, such as the Premium Flat File destination, Premium ADO.NET destination components, etc.