Using the AX Next Sequence Number Component

Next Sequence Number Editor

The Ax Next Sequence Number component is an SSIS transformation component that allows you to get the next sequence number from the AX server that you can use as the input for one of the input columns of your AX destination component. The sequencing number capability would first have to be set up properly in AX.

AX Nex Sequence Number Editor

AX Connection Manager

AX Next Sequence Number Component requires an AX connection in order to connect with the Microsoft Dynamics AX server. The AX Connection Manager option will show all DynamicsAX connection managers that have been created in the current SSIS package.

Sequence Name

The name of the Number Sequence entry specified in AX.

Output Column Name

Specify the name of the Output Column that will be created by this component in SSIS. The output column will be created for you once you have finished configuring the component by clicking the "OK" button.

Scope(since v2.7)

This option allows you to specify the scope of the sequence number defined in AX. There are two options available.

  • Global - choose this option if the sequence number is defined in the global scope, which means it is available to all companies in the same installation.
  • Company - choose this option if the sequence number is defined in the company level.