MSMQ Connection

The MSMQ Connection page allows you to configure the connection to MSMQ from within the Integration Gateway to send requests to it.

KingswaySoft Integration Gateway Console - Outbound Connection - MSMQ.png

MSMQ Settings
Queue Path
The queue path field lets you enter the path of the queue you would like to connect to.
Browser Button

Select Queue

If you do not know the path of your queue, you can click the browse button, launch the Select Queue dialog, and help locate it. By default, the Select Queue dialog will list any Microsoft Message Queues that are located on the local machine. The Server Name dropdown will list other servers that are visible to your local machine, and selecting a server will list any Microsoft Message Queues that it contains. If the server you want is not listed, you can type the name and search to list any message queues on that server.

If you would like to create a new queue on the selected machine, click the 'Create Queue' button.

Create Queue Button

Create Queue

Clicking the 'Create Queue' in the 'Select Queue' dialog will open a dialog that allows queues to be created. In the create queue dialog, enter the name of the queue you wish to create and whether it is a public or private queue. After you click OK, the queue will be created and selected in the 'Select Queue', or if the queue creation failed, an error message will be shown.