IBM MQ Connection

The IBM MQ Connection page allows you to configure the connection to IBM MQ from within the Integration Gateway to send requests to it.

KingswaySoft Integration Gateway Console - Outbound Connection - IBM MQ.png

Queue Manager Name
The name of the queue manager that the component will connect to.
Remote Queue Manager
If the queue manager is not on the local machine, it can be accessed remotely. Only connections to queues in the same domain will work.
Host Name
The name of the remote machine.
The port number of the remote machine.
Channel Name
The channel on the local machine that will be used to connect to the remote machine. Defaults to the system channel SYSTEM.ADMIN.SVRCONN.
Authentication Mode:
The authentication mode to use. There are two authentication modes:
  • Credentials
  • Certificate
User ID (Credentials authentication mode)
The user ID of the user to connect to the remote machine.
Password (Credentials authentication mode)
The password used to connect to the remote machine.
Use MQCSP Authentication (Credentials authentication mode)
This option allows you to enable authentication using the MQCSP connection security parameters structure which the authorization service can use to identify and authenticate the user.
Certificate Key Repository (Certificate authentication mode)
The repository where the certificate is located, either the Current User repository or Local Machine.
Certificate Label (Certificate authentication mode)
The label of the certificate.
SSL Cipher Spec (Certificate authentication mode)
The SSL Cipher Spec of the selected certificate. A value can be selected for the list or typed in.
SSL Peer Name (Certificate authentication mode)
The SSL peer name. Used to check the distinguished name of the certificate from the peer queue manager.
SSL Reset Count (Certificate authentication mode)
The SSL reset count. When the limit is reached, IBM MQ disconnects from the queue manager, and applications are notified of that as an exception with MQRC_CONNECTION_BROKEN as the reason code.
SSL Revocation Check (Certificate authentication mode)
Determines if an SSL revocation check should be done