The SSIS Integration Toolkit for Salesforce components to facilitate integration with Salesforce Wave Analytics (Einstein Analytics).

The Salesforce SSIS toolkit includes a connection manager and a Destination component to connect to Salesforce Wave Analytics (Einstein Analytics).

These components can be used with any other SSIS component to create your integration or migration project.

For additional resources on Salesforce migration and integration projects, we recommend the book, Developing Data Migrations and Integrations with Salesforce.

Installation and Setup

Salesforce Wave Analytics (Einstein Analytics)
  • Salesforce Connection Manager
    • Salesforce connection manager allows you to specify how you want to connect to
  • Salesforce Wave (Einstein Analytics) Destination Component
    • Salesforce Wave Destination Component is an SSIS data flow pipeline component added since v7.0 release that can be used to write data to the Salesforce Wave Analytics (Einstein Analytics) platform. Salesforce Wave Destination Component includes the following two pages to configure how SSIS writes data to Salesforce Wave Analytics.