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"The Kingswaysoft tool’s UI is very intuitive and you cannot beat the support they provide. Kudos to the support team who was always very responsive and at times would send us updated binaries to get us going right away. Thank you!"

Senior DBA

Celedon Partners

"KingswaySoft provides Celedon Partners an efficient and cost effective way to perform data migrations and integrations using technologies that our customers are comfortable with. Many of our customers have Microsoft SQL Server in house and the skills to support an integration in SSIS. For these types of customers, Celedon recommends to their clients KingswaySoft rather than bringing in a new technology platform specifically to support their CRM solution data migrations / integrations."

~Chris Scott
Celedon Partners

Sonoma Partners

"KingswaySoft products for SSIS have completely changed the way we approach data migrations and integrations with Microsoft CRM and SalesForce. Previously, we were forced to choose between direct SQL methods, C# scripts (requiring extensive development time), or the limited native data import tools on the respective platforms.

Now our Database Developers can be fully utilized to create complex data integrations or migrations from start to finish without the need for additional development resources. Additionally, SSIS packages are easier to develop and maintain with KingswaySoft products versus direct SQL or C# scripts.

Finally, our business has experienced a large increase in Database projects because of:

  • Faster turnaround time on development
  • Increased flexibility of leveraging the CRM API and SSIS tools
  • Ability to work with both online and on premise platforms in a supported manner

KingswaySoft is our go-to recommendation for any data integration project."

~Chris LaBadie
Senior Database Developer
Sonoma Partners

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