Data Integration for Microsoft Dynamics AX made easy.

Based on Microsoft SQL Server, the toolkit is extremely easy to use, developers can create flexible data integration projects without having to write a single line of code.

Note The SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics AX is now part of the SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and is no longer available as a stand-alone product. Please continue reading for information about the AX components, or see the Microsoft Dynamics 365 page for information on the whole toolkit.

Data Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX

  • Part of the SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics 365, supports integrating with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations and Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • Simplifies data integration development so integration can be performed in a matter of minutes.
  • Utilizes the Microsoft Dynamics AX .NET Business Connector to establish a secure connection to legacy AX servers and OData for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operation connections.
  • Includes the AX Connection Manager, AX Source and AX Destination components, plus the bonus AX Next Sequence Number Component.
  • Takes advantage of the flexibility and power of SSIS ETL engine, which enables integration with virtually any application or data source.
  • Use in conjunction with our other enterprise data integration solutions in our Ultimate Edition to integrate with any application or database system including the remaining HubSpot, SharePoint, Marketo, OneDrive, Salesforce and many more.
Dynamics AX Data Integration


You don't have to write a single line of code to make data integration happen so your development can be done in a matter of minutes.

Flexible and

We make the most flexible integration solution on the market. Our software offers intuitive user interfaces that are flexible and easy to use.


With a streamlined development experience, and an extremely simple licensing model, our solution offers the best value for your investment.


Our software offers many specifically designed features that help you achieve the best possible performance without having to hijack your budget.

Unique Features

  • Advanced filtering capabilities for AX field mappings.
  • Write to the AX server through 4 write options: Create, Update, Upsert or Delete.
  • Automatic field mapping to AX fields based on a name-match.
  • Upsert action is based on manually selected matching field(s) with the option to ‘Ignore Unchanged Fields.’
  • Support for multithreaded writing using one single configuration.

SSIS Components

Technical Requirements

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0
  • SQL Server
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2019
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2017
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2016
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2014
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008

The KingswaySoft tool’s UI is very intuitive and you cannot beat the support they provide.

D. Ng

Senior DBA