SSIS Components

More power in the hands of the developer

With over 300 SSIS components, KingswaySoft offers the tools SSIS developers will use everyday to become the most efficient ETL developer.

SSIS Productivity
  • Eliminates the need of writing custom scripts for commonly-encountered complex requirements
  • Unique features and components to simplify complex data flows.
  • Add-on components include Premium Derived Column with over 250+ functions, Duplicate Detector, Premium Lookup, and Premium ADO.NET Destination for more write actions.

  • Enables developers to retrieve and write data to virtually any application or API.
  • Solutions include dedicated support for several leading enterprise applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Salesforce, and many more.
  • Additional components to enable developers to integrate with virtually any other application, API, or database without custom coding.

SSIS Connectivity

Become the most productive ETL developer

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