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OAKVILLE, ON: June 5, 2020 - KingswaySoft Inc., a leading provider of data integration solutions, today announces our latest updates of the popular SSIS Integration Toolkits. With 686 new features, fixes, and enhancements as well as the addition of our newest solution, Integration Gateway, we continue to expand the number of offerings with each new release.

KingswaySoft 2020 Release Wave 1 Now Available

Integration Gateway

We are excited to officially introduce our latest addition to our product family, the KingswaySoft Integration Gateway. This newest product offers the capabilities to enable real-time integration. It allows developers to setup webhook listeners to receive messages from modern cloud applications, and publish them to one or more message queues or file system, from there developers can trigger further integrations by pushing the data to its final destination, such as using a SSIS task, or anything that can receive messages from a queue and further process them.

SSIS Productivity Pack Expands with Over 500 New Additions and Features

We've Added Over 450 New Enhancments, Components and Updates

In addition to our newest product, we have added new tasks and functions to simplify ETL projects even further. The latest array of components includes:

Developers will also experience improvements in our tried and true SSIS Productivity Pack components with enhancements made to our Premium Excel Source and Email Source components, the HTTP Connection Manager, our Premium Slowly Changing Dimension component, our collection of Google Services and set of NoSQL and Message Queue components, as well as our ever-popular Premium ADO.NET and JSON/XML Processing components. Numerous other additions have been implemented and our full list of updates to the SSIS Productivity Pack will guide you through these.

Expanding Total REST Components to over 130

We've Expanded Our REST Connections with 50 New Components

Our major release for 2020 sees 50 new components added to the family of REST components that make it easy to integrate with popular applications that offer REST API endpoints. ETL developers can easily connect with various REST endpoints, found within our SSIS Productivity Pack, without writing a single line of code. Our Productivity Pack now supports:

New Versioning Strategy

This release also bring in a new versioning for our toolkits. Going forward, all our releases will be versioned as YY.ReleaseWave.ServiceReleaseNumber.BuildNumber, where YY is the year in two digits. This helps simplify our communications with our partners and clients in terms of a particular toolkit installation's maintenance status among many other benefits. This is implemented across the board for all of our SSIS toolkits including the SSIS Productivity Pack. All our current releases should have the same version number of v20.1.0 with a revision number between 1561 and 1601.

Here are the summary highlights of our 2020 Release Wave 1.

ssis productivity pack

SSIS Productivity Pack

With this release, we have added support for 20 new services (APIs), 69 components among a total of over 500 new features, updates and enhancements.

We have updated our HTTP connection infrastructure so it has support for more HTTP authentication options.

We have made some major enhancements to the existing components including JSON/XML Source/Extract/Merge/Destination, Premium ADO.NET destination, Premium Derived Column, Premium Excel, Premium Slowly Changing Dimension, Google Services, NoSQL components.

    And Much More...
    dynamics 365

    SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Further improved WebAPI support.

    We added support for global Discovery Service in CRM/CDS Connection Manger.

    We added support of working with the new File field type.

    We added support for Smart Name Match in our Text Lookup feature.

    NAV source components support reading from child objects.

    NAV destination component now supports writing to parent-child objects within one component.

    And Much More...
    ssis salesforce

    SSIS Integration Toolkit for Salesforce

    We added support for Bulk API v2 support in Salesforce Source component.

    We updated the API support to version 48.0.

    Improved writing when working with Salesforce Marketing Cloud destination component.

    Improved efficiency in working with significantly large number of records using the Salesforce Wave Destination component.

    And Much More...
    ssis hubspot

    SSIS Integration Toolkit for HubSpot

    Newly introduced support for Marketing Email, Marketing Email Statistics in HubSpot Source & Destination components.

    HubSpot OAuth scope and optional scope are now configurable in HubSpot Token Generator.

    HubSpot Connection Manager now supports working with a token file saved in Azure Blob Storage by specifying an Azure SAS url as the token file path.

    And Much More...
    ssis quickbooks

    SSIS Integration Toolkit for QuickBooks

    Newly introduced Change Data Capture support in QuickBooks source component.

    Newly introduced API Throttling Rate support in QuickBooks Connection Manager.

    Hardened security in terms of how connection information is saved for QuickBooks connection manager.

    We have switched to use token files instead of relying on Windows registry for better security and easier deployment.

    And Much More...
    ssis active directory

    SSIS Integration Toolkit for Directory Services

    Newly introduced Manually matching criteria support when performing Update/Upsert/Delete action in Active Directory Destination component.

    Active Directory Source component now supports reading Group Members when working with an Azure Active Directory connection.

    We have switched to use token files instead of relying on Windows registry for better security and easier deployment.

    And Much More...
    ssis netsuite

    SSIS Integration Toolkit for NetSuite

    NetSuite API support has been updated to v2020_1.

    NetSuite Source component now supports a newly introduced "Get Deleted Records" option, which can be used to retrieve NetSuite deleted records.

    NetSuite Source component now supports search filters when working with custom objects.

    And Much More...
    ssis marketo

    SSIS Integration Toolkit for Marketo

    Marketo Source component now supports working with Tag.

    Smart Campaign, Smart List and Static List are now supported in Marketo Source and Destination components.

    We added support of Trigger and Schedule actions for Campaign object in the Marketo Destination component.

    And Much More...
    ssis oracle crm on demand

    SSIS Integration Toolkit for Oracle CRM On Demand

    We have an improved retry implementation.

    Oracle CRM On Demand components no longer retry on 500 Internal Server Error when a soap:Fault message is reported.

    Various UI improvements.

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    ssis oracle marketing cloud

    SSIS Integration Toolkit for Oracle Marketing Cloud

    We added list metadata support when working with Contact Segment object in Oracle Eloqua Source/Destination component.

    We have switched to use token files instead of relying on Windows registry for better security and easier deployment.

    Various other enhancements.

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    ssis microsoft sharepoint

    SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft SharePoint

    We added support of working with enterprise keywords column in SharePoint Destination component.

    SharePoint Destination component now supports returning document url values in the _DocURL column available in its default output .

    Much improved support for modern authentication when working with SharePoint online.

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    ssis xero

    SSIS Integration Toolkit for Xero

    We added OAuth 2 support in Xero Connection Manager.

    Our Xero toolkit has been deprecated in favor of our SSIS Productivity Pack, which offers a much more sophisticated infrastructure to handle complex integration scenarios. Please consider upgrading your software to SSIS Productivity Pack as soon as possible.

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    KingswaySoft 2020 Release Wave 1 Demonstration Webinar

    We are hosting a live webinar on Thursday, June 18, 2020 at 2:00pm EDT as we take users through the updates and new components that have been included in our 2020 Release Wave 1 as well as answer questions you may have. Places are limited so register now to save your place.

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