Happy Holidays: A Look Back at 2021


Happy Holidays 2021 from KingswaySoft Team

The KingswaySoft team would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a wonderful new year! As always, we thank you for your continued support over the last year as we achieved some major milestones in 2021. This year was extraordinarily special for us as we celebrated our 10th Anniversary, implemented a subscription-only licensing model to support the sustainability of our business going forward, and released two major wave updates with over 560 new components, features, and upgrades.

Two Release Waves: 560 New Components, Features, and Enhancements

KingswaySoft 2021 Release Wave 1

In May 2021, we announced our first major release of the year, the 2021 Release Wave 1. This new version packed over 316 new components, features, and enhancements. In this release, we expanded our Productivity Pack with powerful tools, such as the Premium Service Lookup, the Address Parser, and the CDM components. Also, we introduced new REST components such as ActiveCampign, SuiteCRM, Sendinblue, Zoho Desk, YouTube Analytics, SendGrid, Snapchat Business, Microsoft To Do, and TikTok for Business. Within our Dynamics 365 toolkit, we introduced a new OAuth type to the CDS/CRM connection manager called Interactive Login. This new feature allows you to log in to the system through interactive login to establish the connection, which can save the effort of creating Azure Active Directory application registrations.

KingswaySoft 2021 Release Wave 2

Our second release wave was made available in November, the 2021 Release Wave 2, which brought over 244 new productivity-boosting components and features for all ETL projects, such as support for DocuSign, Freshsales, Google Drive, Pipedrive, GitHub, QuickBase, Zoho Books, Redis, SMPP, and ActiveMQ, among other new services. We made massive enhancements to our EDI components, including AS2 connection support for secure EDI file exchange and writing. Furthermore, numerous updates were made to our message queuing, JSON/XML, NoSQL, and cloud storage components, plus the addition of command execution support for most of our DB and data warehouse connections, namely the ADO.NET, Redshift, BigQuery, PostgreSQL, and Snowflake command tasks. Within this release, we added some significant enhancements to our Dynamics 365 toolkit, including support for OData service endpoint for Dynamics 365 Business Central, and the "Bypass Custom Business Logic" platform feature in the CRM/CDS destination component now supports for better process efficiency, among many other enhancements. 

At KingswaySoft, our entire team is committed to providing you the most feature-rich integration solutions that you can rely on. If you have any feedback about how we could make it better for your ETL development, please do not hesitate to contact us to share your insights.

Subscription-Only Licensing Model

KingswaySoft Moved to a Subscription-Only Licensing Model

This past November, we announced our move to a Subscription-Only licensing model. In doing so, we have discontinued our Perpetual License offering. This important shift will help us simplify our licensing model for better efficiency, allowing us to provide the best possible customer support experience for our clients going forward.

For any questions about this change, you are welcome to contact our Client Services team and we will gladly assist you.

KingswaySoft 10th Anniversary

KingswaySoft Celebrated its 10th Anniversary

This year we had the pleasure of celebrating our 10th anniversary. We are thrilled that we have reached this milestone and look forward to the next ten years. Over the last decade, we have focused on creating the most sophisticated but cost-effective integration solutions on the market. Today, we are honored to serve thousands of enterprise clients from over 100 countries across the world. Click here for the full story.

COVID-19 Update

Despite all the positive news, Covid-19 is still a concern, and it is uncertain how it will affect businesses in the future. At KingswaySoft, we have maintained our work-from-home protocols to protect our employees and ensure uninterrupted access to our services for our clients. We remain committed to providing you with our dependable and dedicated services for the duration of this global health crisis. For more information on our COVID response, visit www.kingswaysoft.com/covid-19

Looking forward in the future, we are constantly on the lookout of more interesting integration features. 2021 has been a remarkable year for our team, we have achieved a lot, and we look forward to being your partner in providing you the best possible integration solution in the future. On behalf of the entire team, we want to thank all of our clients and partners who trust us with our products to maximize their data efficiency.

The KingswaySoft team wishes you Happy Holidays and a successful new year!

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